Apple has launched the 'Summer of Music' in Japan with free music from iTunes, collectible iTunes Cards and exclusive live performances at Apple retail stores there.

The company is offering free music, music videos and collectible iTunes Cards featuring free downloads from the hottest Japanese artists, including Ken Ishii and Hifana, and the world premiere of a brand new video from Beck.

Music fans at Japan's Summer Sonic festival will get collectible iTunes Cards with free music downloads. Apple's seven Japanese retail outlets are holding in-store performances with favourite local and international artists, including performances by PE'Z and She Wants Revenge.

The Summer Sonic iTunes Cards give three free songs of the user's choice from the iTunes Music Store, and also feature free downloads from Spank Rock, PE'Z, Amusement Park on Fire and Maximum The Hormone.

This summer, fans can expect store performances from artists including Ko Kimura, K Dub Shine, Daishi Dance, Gomes the Hitman and DMBQ.