Talks between Apple and Intel regarding processors may have nothing to do with future Macs, analysts agree.

Along with its x86 processors, Intel also makes a variety of chips for different uses. One of these, the IOP 331 is already used within Apple's Xserve RAID. Intel also makes, or will make, chips to drive WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and wireless USB products.

MacObserver reports that analyst John Yunker of Byte Level Research, believes the two firms are discussing one of these other chips, chips to drive WiMax.

A self-confessed Apple fan, he said: "(Apple) sells sole-service solutions, and likes to be a few steps ahead of everyone else. Apple could build WiMax into computers, or have a WiMax transmitter that plugs in, and there could be a WiMax plug-in for the TV. It could be a two-piece solution, similar to AirPort Express."

Apple is widely credited with helping kick-start the market for wireless computing, when it introduced the original AirPort in 1999, stealing yet another industry first.