Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the 194th richest individual on the planet, according to this year's billionaire roll call, the Forbes "Rich-list".

The energetic 50-year old is worth $3 billion, according to Forbes. If all 691 individuals named on the list pooled their cash, it would be worth £1.14 trillion.

Jobs hasn't done quite as well as Microsoft's Bill Gates, who remains at the top of the pile for the eleventh year, though his net worth has declined to $46.5bn from $46.6bn. Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, sits in seventh place on the list.

Forbes said that 388 of the 691 names in the list were "self-made" billionaires. The list includes 68 women billionaires, and names individuals from 47 countries, introducing names from Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and even Iceland.

"Our rankings represent a snapshot of wealth taken on Feb. 11, the date we priced publicly held stocks," said Forbes.