Apple's legal team has scrambled to lay a lawsuit down against the Something Awful website because it tried to help MacBook Pro owners make their Macs run at lower temperatures.

The site had looked into numerous reports that Apple's new pro portables can be hot in use - too hot to use on a lap. Some claim that Apple's pro-portables run at a water-boiling 95 degrees Celcius under full load, hot enough to damage the Mac's Core Duo processor. This also creates an annoying screen whine, reports claim.

A Something Awful contributor claimed to have disassembled his MacBook Pro and to have identified a fault (in the amount of thermal grease applied) in Apple's design which caused the high temperatures.

The contributor then described the way to repair it, and linked to one of Apple's internal engineering Service Manual guides to illustrate that the fault is one of Apple's own design.

Apple legal is unhappy about the link to what it considers to be an internal document. The hard-working team warned the site that linking to the document infringed Apple's copyright, and in an interesting move, said they would threaten the site's ISP if the site failed to remove the link.

The site responded that Apple should be threatening to sue the ISP hosting the manual, rather than a forum that's simply trying to help Mac users repair the problem.

In related news, reports claim Apple has begun recalling some MacBook Pro batteries. It appears some - but not all - batteries have been losing charge alarmingly fast, sometimes within just a few minutes of being charged up.

These reports claim that MacBook Pros with serial numbers earlier than W8608, such as W8607, are affected by the faulty batteries. MacBook Pros with serial numbers beginning with W8609 or higher are not affected.

Additional reported problems include: processor and CPU whine, poor Airport reception and solar ambient temperatures.