Apple is reported to be focusing on iPod accessory-selling websites, demanding they remove the word iPod from their trading names.

PocketLint says Apple is tighening its grip on what names it will allow third-party site to use as it targets UK website iPod essentials.”

The site is reported to be changing its name to MP3 Essentials, following legal action against the company on Apple’s part, alleging trademark infringement. The company wants the company to cease trading under its name, and demands it hand over ownership of the URL that contains the word, “iPod”.

The retailer is concerned that the move will impact against its business, and rueful as half its marketing money has already been spent publicizing its existing name.

Macworld has learned that similar activity against other accessories for iPod traders using the name in their domain may be taking place, with many resentful of the move.

They feel that they helped build Apple’s brand in recent years by entering the market for such equipment.