A Mac OS X licensing issue may put a spanner in the works of a G4 Emulator that allows Panther to be installed on a PC.

CherryOS, created by Maui X-Stream's Arben Kryeziu, allows users of Intel PCs to run Mac OS X by emulating a G4 processor and accompanying hardware. The emulation software costs $50, and it is necessary to buy a copy of Panther.

However some commentators have noted that Apple's Mac OS X Software License Agreement states: "This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labelled computer at a time."

Apples, Pears and Cherries

This is the latest issue to dog the software that was surrounded by controversy when it was first announced in October 2004. A that time the software maker was accused of stealing from the open source PearPC project.

Kryeziu acknowledged that the pre-release version contained some PearPC code, but he claimed that this was a mistake on the part of one of the programmers working on the project, who had since been fired, writes eWeek.

Regarding the comparisons with PearPC, a spokeswoman for Maui X-Stream said: "The CherryOS product runs six times faster, so the performance is clearly superior."

However, according to BetaNews, CherryOS boots up in the exact same manner as PearPC, and its error messages and source files are nearly identical. The emulator also includes MacOnLinuxVideo, which is the same driver used by PearPC to speed up graphics. The CherryOS configuration file also closely mirrors that used by PearPC.