In response to London’s traumatic bomb attacks this morning, Apple has closed its Regent Street Apple retail store for the day.

A brief statement on Apple’s website confirms: “For the security of our customers and employees, the Apple Store, Regent Street, will be closed for the rest of the day. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this morning’s events in central London.”

The Metropolitan Police has warned Londoners to remain where they are, as buses are not operating in Central London. All tube lines have been closed, and limited overground rail services are not reaching the area. 33 casualties have been confirmed as of 3.40pm.

Both mobile and landline telephone services are operating intermittently through weight of traffic. UK mobile operator, Vodafone, has confirmed it is prioritizing calls from emergency services.

Four explosions have been confirmed. A previously unknown terrorist group allegedly connected to Al Quaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks, in a statement available in translation on Der Spiegel.

We will prevail

A visibly shaken UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, accompanied by the leaders of all states present at the G8 summit at Gleneagles called the attacks, “particularly barbaric”, but promised “we will prevail”.

“Here at the G8 we are striving to combat poverty and to build a better standard of human life,” he said. “The terrorists will not succeed. Today’s bombing shall not weaken our resolve. We shall prevail. They shall not”.

Speaking today at 1.45pm, London Mayor Ken Livingstone condemned the attacks as indiscriminate attacks aimed at working-class Londoners, irrespective of sex, race, or religion.

He warned the terrorists: “Even after your cowardly attack, you will fail”. Livingstone is flying back to London today, after attending the UK’s succesful bid to host the Olympic Games in 2012.

Macworld’s thoughts are with all affected by this morning’s events.

Further Information

Buses are returning to use in Zone 1, the emergency services have just confirmed.

More transport information is available from the Transport For London website.

Regular updates on the situation available from BBC News.

Metropolitan Police website.

London Assembly website.

A Casualty Hotline exists, its number is: 0870 1566 344