Apple continues to benefit from the adrenalin injection of making a migration to Intel processors, and seems ready to ramp up change in its Mac range as a result of the deal with the company.

While PowerPC development was relatively slow in the past, impacting on the available processor speeds - and therefore model upgrades Apple could perform across its computer range - Intel continues to press on with rapid development of new processors and architectures.

As a case in point, since the MacBook Pro was introduced, processor speeds have climbed to a standard maximum of 2.16GHz, in just a few months.

The company now plans a new Power Mac replacement, which multiple sources believe will be called the Mac Pro.

ThinkSecret is reporting that the new Mac desktop will have a new enclosure, one described as "substantially different enough to make the distinction" between the new Intel model and the previous G5 Power Mac.

The new Macs are reportedly to include high-powered dual dual processor models. The report also claims that a new enclosure will be deployed across Apple's MacBook Pro range. This illustrates the company's expected move to adopt a new Core 2 Duo processor in those machines, but the latter Macs aren't expected to ship until autumn, the report explains. New Xserve's are predicted to debut in advance of WWDC in August, the report claims.

Apple Insider meanwhile is claiming that Apple has introduced new MacBook models which it is making available exclusively through its US retail stores.

One new configuration ships with 1GB of installed memory (up from the standard 512MB these Macs ship with) and an 80GB hard drive. This model costs $150 more than the 60GB white MacBook, $1,449.

The company is also reported to be offering a new black MacBook Ultimate model. This also features 1GB of RAM, but is otherwise the same as the company's existing $1,499 black MacBook, but costs $100 more.

No information pertaining to these two models is available from Apple.

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