New benchmark figures testing Windows XP running on all available Intel-powered Macs have been revealed.

The tests show that the MacBook Pro is the fastest available Core Duo-powered notebook on the market when running Photoshop.

GearLog tested performance of Microsoft's OS on a Mac mini, an iMac and a MacBook Pro. They found that: "The MacBook Pro is the fastest Core Duo laptop we've tested running the Photoshop scripts. It's faster than other laptops originally designed for Windows. This bodes very well for the performance of an Intel-accelerated OS X Photoshop, when that finally appears."

Testers used a guide that's available at OnMac. They found that each computer required a different version of software used to help the machines choose between OS X and XP for start-up.

Though no video drivers exist yet for these dual-boot machines – so the boffins who ran the test won't be playing Doom on their Macs – it was found that "once Windows was installed it had no problem running at the full 1,680 x 1,050 resolution of the 20-inch screen."

"We got Ethernet, wireless networking, and the headphone jack (but not the internal speakers, iSight or the remote) working using drivers suggested by OnMac," they said.