Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has emerged as a defender of the Mac cause following an interview on a local US radio station – winning the admiration of Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the process.

Interviewed by Sacramento station 96.9 Eagle FM Sir Paul was discussing a DVD release that included a behind-the-scenes look at the first leg of his US tour.

Sir Paul explained: "We encoded the DVD with a password giving access to a Web site offering extra content that wouldn't fit on the DVD.

“The really far-out thing was we heard Apple Mac users wouldn't be able to access this feature because the technology is different for the Mac. So I got onto our guys and said 'get on the phone and start making enquiries,’”.

He added: "They sorted it so that Macs users can now access it. So we're, like, advancing Mac technology. There was something Macs couldn't do but now can, and all because of our DVD.”

"I'm not a tech guy," explained McCartney, "but I'm really excited. We're advancing Mac technology."

It's not just him that's excited, McCartney claimed: "Apparently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is going to come to one of our gigs because he's so excited about this".

An MP3 of the entire broadcast is available for download from the station's Web site.