Apple's computers are masterpieces of practicality, aesthetics and marketing, a top US analyst believes.

Writing in TechNewsWorld, Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle said: "Look at the laptop hinges on the new PowerBooks and iBooks. The screen opens out and down, minimizing the height of the open laptop and making it much more practical for airplane use."

"On the desktop side Apple has done little things like the placement into the screen of the power button on the iMac, where it is easy to access. It's also turned desktop keyboards into hubs, for easier cable management."

As seen on TV Enderle also believes Apple is a master of marketing. "Look at where Apple puts its logos. On laptops, it's right-side up when the screen is open. Many vendors don't understand the power of walking into an office and seeing a large number of logos advertising their products to everyone in the office and everyone else who comes into it.

"The logo even lights up on most Apple laptops. Apple understood that the logo is not for the person who bought the computer but for the person who is in the market for one. It is good advertising placement – not a throw-away design element."

And the Apple logo enjoys a lot of visibility on the television. Enderle explains: "Of the PC companies Apple does best placement in TV shows – which showcases that logo. If you didn't know better and expected TV shows to represent real life, you would assume that few people use Windows machines and that almost everyone has an Apple notebook or iMac. Apple is king when it comes to placement in the PC space. Even when the other vendors get a spot, their logos are so hard to see, I'll bet they are generally missed.

"The company understands what will get people excited about its products. But I believe that without [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs at the helm Apple would have vanished several years ago."