Apple and Macromedia will release their financial results for the latest quarter in separate announcements on Wednesday, October 17.

Apple will be announcing its fourth-quarter 2001 earnings, and summarizing its full-year results during the announcemnet. Despite analysts reducing the target figure for Apple's stock, and uncertainty in the markets caused by fear of recession and a softening market for IT, Apple has failed to warn the markets of any significant failure to meet expectations in the current quarter.

Analysts expect the company will trumpet the success of its retail strategy.

Macromedia will announce its second-quarter results for the 2002 financial year. Macromedia's financial year runs from mid-year to mid-year, because of the nature of the accounting period the company chose to adopt under US tax laws.

Macromedia's results will be announced at 10.30pm (BST), and details will be revealed in a conference call broadcast live over the company's Web site. Rob Burgess, Macromedia's chairman and CEO, and Betsey Nelson, executive vice president and chief financial officer, will host the event.