Apple is asking movie studios to include iPod-ready versions of their films on future Blu-Ray disc releases.

CNN claims Apple - who signed up to support the Blu-Ray standard in March 2005 - is using its membership of the standards-setting body and its CEO Steve Jobs' Hollywood clout to convince studios to make such a move.

Apple new media ally Disney and Blu-Ray standard champion Sony have been approached, the report states.

Convincing studios to release iPod-ready movies using the rights-protected Blu-Ray standard would "greatly expand Apple's movie library," the report opines.

The move is thought to be part of Apple's strategy to create a rich ecosystem of content to help generate sales of its purported future "true iPod video" product.

Blu-ray is one of two new optical disc formats battling to replace DVDs for high-definition content. The main backers of Blu-ray include Sony, Panasonic, Disney, Apple and Samsung, while companies supporting the rival HD-DVD format include Toshiba, NEC and Intel.