Apple US has started shipping Final Cut Pro version 1.2, a G4-optimized update to the video editing software.

Final Cut Pro 1.2 takes advantage of the G4’s Velocity Engine to deliver video rendering performance up to three times faster than before, Apple said.

It includes support for the European PAL format and is available in three new languages – French, German and Japanese. Other features include support for Mac OS 9, Macromedia Flash file import, three-key shuttling, support for additional third-party After Effects plug-ins, new audio reverb filters and faster digital video encoding and decoding.

The software ships with Puffin Designs’ Commotion DV, Maxon Computer’s Cinema 4D GO and Terran Interactive’s Media Cleaner EZ 4 for QuickTime. The upgrade is free to current Final Cut Pro customers and is available from Apple’s Web site.

Meanwhile, UK customers are still waiting for the European version of Final Cut Pro. While Apple had promised it would be released at the end of December, there is still no word on an exact shipping date.