Poland's TVN 24 - a 24-hour news channel - has moved to adopt Apple technologies to drive its broadcasts.

TVN 24 has invested in a huge Apple storage and networking set-up. It consists of 55 Xsans, 30 Xserve G5s, 22 Xserve RAIDs, 50 Final Cut Pro licences, 50 Power Mac G5s, ten PowerBook G4s and two Shake licences.

The company has instantly become Europe's largest Mac-based broadcast installation. Its decision to move to Mac is a major blow against Avid, but wanted an alternative non-proprietary solution.

Maciej Sojka, General Manager of TVN 24 said: “With a proprietary system like Avid, you never feel as if you own your own content". But Apple's products all use the standard QuickTime format.

Apple and the channel have been working together to make the solution work, and it relies on Apple's powerful yet easy-to-understand Xsan system. This arranges RAID-based secure storage that is accessible to anyone on the network, and is of sufficient volume to store hundreds of hours of footage, clips and other resources.

A report on Apple's site says: "TVN installed a Beta version of Xsan, and within a few months – with the help of Apple and its local partners — the workflow was stable and reliable enough to invest in a further 50 copies of Xsan. "

Maciej Sojka, General Manager of TVN 24, explains why he chose the Mac platform: “I wanted a system that could lead in the market, not fall behind. With Apple, I have that”.

Any system is only useful if everyone actually uses the system, and this seems to be what's happening at TVN 24: "When we bought the system, we thought we had too much storage but now we’re looking to upgrade. People are using the software more and more — pushing it, improving content," said Sojka.