Apple could take control of Motorola's PowerPC platform, according to reports.

Apple may be spurred into taking over future development of its high-end chips due to Motorola's commitments to the lucrative embedded market - which includes mobile phones - and its poor financial health over the last six months.

A clause in Apple's contract with the PowerPC chipmaker permits it to buy Motorola's Power PC investments for $500 million next year, reports MacOS Rumors.

Motorola investment In the past, the site has commented on Motorola's lack of interest in high-end PowerPC processors. This prompted an anonymous email to set the record straight.

According to the source, Motorola remains committed to developing Apollo - an improved version of the current 7450 chip - which the email confirms will be the PowerPC 7460. Apollo will accelerate PowerPC chips up to 1GHz, bringing enhanced G4 technology to the iMac and iBook.

The source also claims that the 7460's launch will coincide with that of the G5, the G4's successor. Production of the 7460 "will start in Q4 2001", in time for January's Macworld show.