BusinessWeek Online has run an in-depth study of Apple, drawing on interviews with key employees from the company's past and present.

On such figure is Jeff Raskin, Apple's 31st employee and the man who headed the original Macintosh project. Raskin is dismissive of the new iMac, complaining Apple's design-led approach is misguided: "If I sit at a PC or a Mac and use a familiar application, I can pretty much forget which computer I'm using. It all looks and feels the same.

"There's been a lot of research in usability over the past couple of decades and almost none of it has gone into the Apple. If Apple thought about these things, I think it could regain market share."

Apple's vice-president for worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller is also interviews, discussing the sea-change that Mac OS X has brought about.

BusinessWeek also applauds Apple for innovating its way out of the massive PC slump with the launch of the new iMac, the iPod and iPhoto.