Apple CEO, Steve Jobs discussed the G4 Cube during yesterday's five-hour financial-analysts call.

"The Cube has found its market," he said. But Jobs added that the Cube hasn't sold as well as the company first anticipated, he admitted: "The disappointment for us was that the market was not as big as we thought."

Apple had hoped the system would have broad appeal, but found that interest was strongest among high-end users - a fact the company is ready to live with.

The market is smaller than Apple expected, but Jobs repeated Apple's official line on the Cube. He said: "We're very pleased with the Cube. Apple has never received more glowing reviews than we have for the Cube."

Apple has sold 136,000 G4 Cubes since its launch in July – 107,000 in the final quarter of 2000, and 29,000 in the first few months of its current financial year.