Apple's plans to ship an iPod mobile phone may have been scuppered by unexpected technical hurdles, a report claims.

As speculation rages on such a device on the eve of the company's 30th birthday, Think Secret cites sources who claim the company has hit "significant" technical hurdles to exercising such plans.

Apple doesn't mess around. Its plans for the device require a complete redesign of the mobile phone. But there are obstacles which may delay such plans until 2007, the report claims.

"The company has run into problems making the various phone components work together. Issues have also cropped up with the chip Apple was using that receives the cellular signal."

The device was originally scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2006, the report explains.

"But these issues have delayed any roll-out indefinitely," it informs.

However, a report on DigiTimes seems to suggest that plans are going ahead smoothly: "Apple has contacted a number of Taiwanese handset makers, including High Tech Computer, Inventec Appliances, Quanta Computer and Foxconn Electronics for possible cooperation in handset production."