While development partners Apple and Microsoft remain reticent, interested curiosity surrounds any new information pertaining to the long-awaited iTunes-capable Motorola phone.

This morning, Engadget has published images that it claims have come from an "anonymous source" that purport to be of the Motorola E790 iTunes phone.

"It might just be an engineering or a production sample, and we can’t guarantee whether this will actually be the first iTunes phone or not", Engadget warns.

The site reports that the illustrated phone ships with a 128MB memory card for media and synchronises with iTunes.

In recent weeks, Reuters revealed Motorola and Apple to be in discussion with the largest US mobile telecommunications company, Cingular.

Meanwhile a separate report from Business Week explained that Apple and Motorola intend making a wide selection of iTunes-complaint mobile phones available.

Last week's release of iTunes 4.9 also fuelled speculation, when it emerged that that certain models of Motorola mobile phones are already syncing with iTunes, and that the software also contains a set of preferences called, iPod Phone Prefs.