Apple has sent its legal heavies in against Stardock, complaining that some of its DesktopX skins are too similar to its Aqua interface.

Apple's legal team is demanding the removal of anything that appears even remotely inspired by Aqua.

Stardock's DesktopX skins for Windows enables the creation of completely customized user environments. Stardock claims: "Desktops can be broken into individual parts that are called DesktopX objects. The objects can be exchanged with other DesktopX users. As a result, virtually anything that doesn't require user input can be created quickly and easily."

The Register claims that Stardock has been forced to remove desktop patterns, screenshots, themes and DesktopX objects inspired by Apple's next-generation OS, and used by Windows users. The Register reports that the information was first disclosed in a newsgroup announcement on Stardock's Web site.

Stardock is now combing its user forums for Aqua-inspired objects. The forums are where users place skins using the DesktopX program.