Apple may have plans to extend its successful iTunes Music Store concept to sell films online, according to Bloomberg reporting a German publication yesterday. However, the story appears to have been somewhat "sexed up", and a translation of the Apple executive's interview reveals no such admission.

Bloomberg claims German-language Berlin-based magazine, Berliner Zeitung says the company "may start to sell movies online after the success of its iTunes music store". The report attributes the remarks to Apple's European vice president Pascal Cagni.

However, translated into English Cagni's quotes are actually far less specific and mention no actual plans.

The newspaper asked Cagni: "Do you believe that Apple will one day offer movies in the same way that it offers music downloads via its iTunes Music Store?"

While reminding his inquisitor that Apple does not comment on future products or services, the European chief agreed that "it is, however, surely a good idea".

Macworld last month asked Apple director of QuickTime product marketing Frank Casanova: "Is it logical to suggest Apple has the technology, infrastructure and existing content to deliver content such as movies online?"

Casanova responded that Apple's QuickTime-based online movie preview download service is already very successful, but refused to comment on the possibility the company would extend the service to include full movie downloads.