The battle for the Danish online-music market is hotting up, with Apple and Microsoft planning simultaneous launches there this October.

A report in The Copenhagen Post states: "Just a few days before the grand opening of iTunes, Microsoft will debut its own music download site, MSN Music."

Apple, however, appears unconcerned. Apple Denmark product director Henrik Ryle said: "Our product is incredibly user-friendly, and our success on the online-music market will be aided by iPod."

MSN Denmark director Jens Lernø said: "Of course, we expect to take our place in line with suppliers that are already offering this service, but we believe we're a good alternative. With our system you can do many of the same things you can do with iTunes, but in a slightly different way than Apple."

The report suggests Apple is on track to launch the iTunes Music Store in other parts of Europe this October, just as CEO Steve Jobs promised in the keynote at the launch of the UK, French and German stores.