Apple and Microsoft last night released a series of updates.

Apple’s included one for AirPort, while Microsoft’s was Outlook Express 5.0.6 for Mac OS 8.1-9.x and its Visual Basic (VBA) Converter for Excel X.

AirPort 2.1.1 is for Mac OS X systems, and is available using Software Update. It updates the firmware for Snow AirPort Base Stations, and introduces a control that enables or disables configuration of the equipment using its Wide Area Network port. This update also introduces cross-platform password support for better compatibility with mixed platform networks.

The Outlook Express update introduces support for MSN Web-mail accounts and resolves all security vulnerabilities found in previous versions of the application.

A note on Microsoft's site reads: “The update fixes vulnerabilities that might have caused Outlook Express to stop responding or caused a memory problem that compromised the security of the computer; as well as a security vulnerability that can enable an attacker who had a valid security certificate to issue an invalid subordinate certificate that would appear to be valid."

The latter vulnerability relates to a warning issued by Microsoft in early September that requires an application by application fix from the company.

VBA Converter for Excel X converts Visual Basic for Applications macros that are opened or saved in Excel 5.0/95 Workbook format. Visual Basic is a programming environment from Microsoft that uses a graphical UI to choose and modify preselected sections of code written in the BASIC programming language.