Randall McCallum, a former QuickTime developer who was once chairman, CEO and president of Totally Hip Software, has told MacCentral that Apple should spin-off QuickTime as a fully fledged subsidiary.

The multimedia streaming software has recently experienced faltering market share. QuickTime is third place behind RealNetworks and Microsoft's Windows Media Player solutions. McCallum believes QuickTime's poor positioning is due to Apple’s proprietorial technological stance.

Business concerns He claimed: "QuickTime will only enjoy superior customer-satisfaction ratings across popular operating systems, and take its rightful place as the streaming media technology of choice, when and if QuickTime ever satisfies the most major concern for enterprises large and small.

"But how is this possible if QuickTime is an Apple owned technology? Especially in a Windows-dominated world."

Despite QuickTime being the most comprehensive and robust streaming-media solution available, the software will never be a technology leader under Apple's parenthood, according to McCallum.

IT worries He adds: "Most Windows IT managers won't use Apple-centric technology - even a 'best solution' like QuickTime - because they worry what would happen if Apple went out of business. That's why Macromedia and Adobe create their own technologies instead of relying on Apple.”

McCallum believes RealNetworks' autonomy - its freedom to operate independently from Microsoft - is key to the success of the solution.

He said: "The majority of consumers adopt the leader because it represents the least perceived risk. It is for this reason that RealNetworks leads the pack. Their sole focus is RealPlayer. They don't worry about hardware sales and focus on the customer. They dominate by progressing forward unencumbered."