Apple has settled its lawsuit against a former worker accused of posting corporate secrets on the Internet under the pseudonym, "Worker Bee".

The company commenced proceedings in August 2000 against the then unnamed individual.

Eventually identified as Juan Gutierrez the culprit is thought to have announced details of the multiprocessing G4 Power Mac and Apple Optical Mouse prior to their announcement at Macworld Expo, New York, 2000. Information was posted to Yahoo's GeoCities Web site among others. Postings began in February 2000.

Cnet reports that the company has now agreed a deal with Gutirrez, a former temporary worker at Apple. Under the deal he agreed to turn over any confidential information he still possessed and to refrain from sharing any information he may have learned during his tenure with the company.

Gutirrez' attorney, Edward Davila said his client was grateful that Apple had settled the case. In excuse, the attorney described Gutirrez as a smart young Mac fan who "got caught up in the excitement of what Apple was doing", Cnet reports.

The attorney claimed that the leaks were not intended to be malicious.