Bolstered by the consumer-popular iMac and resonating "Think Different" campaign, Apple Computer was named as the company with the best brand in the personal computer category by AdWeek and

The "Best Brands" poll asked visitors to the Web site to rate well-known brands on a scale from one to five (with five being the best) across four categories (criteria) - ad campaign, image/reputation, brand loyalty and value.

"Brand loyalty gave Apple Computer the edge over Gateway, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Compaq. Additionally, in the categories of ad campaign and image/reputation, Apple had the most consistent and among the highest ratings," said officials from both publications.

In the polls, Apple received an average score of 3.6 overall. Interestingly, The Gap (whose CEO is also member of Apple's board), won in both the category of clothing makers and jeans manufacturers.

Among the other winners were Adidas, BMW, Evian,, Arts and Entertainment, Absolut, Coke, and American Express.