Apple has posted details of the winners of its Annual Apple Design Awards and its Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics.

The design awards, now in its ninth year, recognize "technical excellence and outstanding achievement" on Mac OS X.

Freeverse Software's Big Bang Chess 1.0 – which appeared on the CD of the August issue of Macworld – was given the accolade of Best Mac OS X Product and Best Mac OS X Technology Adoption.

Freeverse also won Most Innovative Mac OS X Product for ToySight 1.0 – a selection of games that can be played using an iSight camera.

Macromedia's Web publishing package Contribute 2 was Best Product New to Mac OS.

Other category winners included iNquiry 4.05d from The BioTeam, Unreal Tournament 2004 from MacSoft, and Mac TetrUSS v010804 from NASA's Langley Research Centre.

Best QuickTime Content for Promotion was Robbie Williams' Knebworth QuickTime Promo.

Apple's bioinformatics award winners were: Dr. Deborah Dean, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute; Dr. Edward DeLong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dr. Christopher Lee, University of California, Los Angeles; Dr. Simon Lin, Duke University; and Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Douglas Bates, Dr. Sunduz Keles, Dr. Christina Kendziorski and Dr. Bret Larget, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

"The purpose of program is to provide innovative scientists with computer hardware that will enhance their ability to conduct their research in unique ways," says Apple.

According to Apple there were "hundreds of highly qualified applications" to the programme that it announced in May.

"Ultimately, the judges chose the five research projects that would most clearly and immediately benefit from the computational power of a small cluster and applications and interface provided by inquiry," said Apple.