Apple has announced this year's Apple Design Awards winners.

The awards are presented annually during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). They are given for the most innovative product, best look-&-feel, best adoption of Apple technology, and best new product.

The Omni Group won the Best New Mac OS X Product category for its new Mac browser, OmniWeb 4.0. Tenon Intersystems took runners-up spot with Xtools 1.0.3.

OmniWeb triumphs OmniWeb 4.0 also took first prize in Apple's Best Mac OS X User Experience category. The runner-up was Micromat for Drive 10 1.0.0, the company's powerful disk-utility – capable of repairing and recovering faulty hard disks. Micromat develops the popular Tech Tools suite of hard-disk tools for earlier versions of Mac OS.

Tenon's Xtools 1.0.3 also won in the Most Innovative OS X Product category. This is an Aqua X Window server for Mac OS X Beta Desktop. X Windows is an open-source industry standard for displaying remote graphical-applications. It's both hardware- and software- independent, so users on one computer can work with applications on another. It permits networked PCs to connect to applications and information systems on Unix, Linux and NT Servers. It's available for download, but remains a beta release.

Runner-up in the Innovative Mac OS X Product category was MYOB's AccountEdge 1.0. This is a $249 business accounting and management application for OS X.

The Best Mac OS X Technology Adoption award went to Catchy Software's AutoCompleter 1.0, an app to speed up typing in all Cocoa-based Mac OS X applications.

Revert to type It will insert large text blocks, and run scripts to complete particular word processing tasks for you. These can include adding dates, letter heads and more. It's available for download and costs $15.

The runner-up in this final category was Realbasic 3.2 from Real Software. This is an application to help developers create new software for Mac, Mac OS X and Windows. It's aimed at both novice and advanced developers and uses a version of object- orientated BASIC to create the applications. The company claims that it's possible to build a small application in just five minutes using its solution, which costs $349.