Sony chairman and CEO Nobuyuki Idei has described working with Apple as "a nightmare".

In an interview with business-news site AlwaysOn, Idei reveals that Sony met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs several times in 2002 to "try to work out a mutual strategy".

He said: "But you know Steve, he has his own agenda. Although he's a genius, he doesn't share everything with you. This is a difficult person to work with if you are a big company. We started working with them, but it is a nightmare."

He went on to discuss the integration of the home entertainment and communications platforms, contrasting Sony's TV-centric approach with Apple's digital-hub strategy. He said: "In the consumer electronics industry few people understand OS architecture, so it would be hard for any of us to compete in the operating software area. Even at Sony, where we have many smart software developers, we still can't compete with the IT industry in this area."

Idei also compares Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Ken Kutaragi to Jobs: "Maybe if we can get them together then they could figure out how the PlayStation and the Mac can work together."