Data from IDC and Gartner Dataquest indicates that Apple laptops now account for more than 4 per cent of the global notebook market.

Global shipments of Apple Computer's Intel-based laptops totaled 780,000-800,000 units in the second quarter of this year. This is a year-on-year increase of 60 per cent, according to the data, reports DigiTimes.

The same data revealed that Apple Intel-based desktop computers had seen sales volume decline 20 per cent, year on year.

Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, noted the increased interest in laptops when delivering Apple's financial results in a recent conference call. He said then that: "The market is moving more notebook."

He went on to suggest that this is not truely indicative of a trend towards laptops, as the decline in sales of desktop Macs may be attributed to professional Mac users waiting for the Intel-powered Mac Pro to launch.

"We believe that many of out creative professional customers have delayed purchases as they await new Intel-based Mac desktops," he said.

Apple has highlighted that it expected some slow down in desktop sales during the transition to the Intel processor.