Apple has experienced stronger than expected MacBook sales, according to DigiTimes.

A report published today claims that the success has been so great that MacBook sales have given a significant boost to business from Apple's Far East manufacturing partner Asustek.

Demand is so great that Asustek is now manufacturing 120,000 MacBooks every month, up from 100,000 per month when the new Macs began shipping in April.

Citing sources, the report explains: "For all of 2006, Apple may deliver two million iBook and MacBook laptops in addition to one million MacBook Pro notebooks."

This would equate to a 39 per cent increase in notebook sales over the 2.16 million units shipped in 2005 as estimated by IDC, the report adds.

However, DigiTimes isn't certain the report is correct, warning that these figures: "Were much higher than industry projections for Apple's total MacBooks shipments for 2006."

The report also predicts that Apple may launch a 15.4-inch widescreen MacBook later this year.