Apple has sneaked in several small, but significant, announcements overnight.

The company has confirmed it is now offering a 750GB drive as a build-to-order option (£270) with the new 24-inch Intel iMac.

These large drives are also available to customers buying a Mac Pro, meaning that computer can now be acquired with a massive 3TB of storage pre-installed. The first 750GB drive - which replaces the standard drive shipped in these machines - costs £270, while subsequent 750GB drives (which fill empty slots) cost £410 each.

Apple also quietly introduced its Apple MagSafe Airline Power Adapter (£39), which lets passengers keep their notebook powered in flight. The adaptor plugs into the DC power port available now on many commercial airlines. This part provides power for your Mac but does not charge the battery and is not compatible with car power ports.

Finally, UK retailers claim Apple to be in the process of introducing new AppleCare packaging and point-of-sale displays for the fee-based maintenance service.