Apple offers better customer service than other major computer manufacturers, according to Consumer Reports magazine (subscription required).

O'Grady's PowerPage reports that the magazine – similar in format to Which? – says that: "In this atmosphere of low expectations, Apple Computer has actually raised its support satisfaction for desktop computers over the past three years to levels above all competitors, while offering the most reliable desktop hardware."

Consumer Reports found that Apple is able to "excel" in support because it makes the computer and the operating system, as well as software and peripherals.

It concludes: "Consequently, many glitches get caught at the design stage. And when Apple support agents do tackle support problems, they're often familiar with all the puzzle pieces."

Contrary to reports of problems Macworld readers have had dealing with Apple support, Consumer Reports found that: "Apple's superiority in all aspects of support, including waiting on the phone and Web support, suggests that it invests its support resources wisely."