Apple's move to Intel processors has the side effect of forcing developers to migrate to its own software development environment, Xcode.

Apple develops and provides its own development environment called Xcode. While Xcode has become extremely popular among Mac software developers, some remain committed to the former Mac world standard, CodeWarrior. Microsoft, for example, is understood to build its Mac applications with CodeWarrior.

The latter development tool isn't yet equipped for the migration to Intel, meaning developers will have to port projects from CodeWarrior into Xcode in order to bring their software to the future of the platform.

In order to help software makers achieve this, Apple last night published an extensive document detailing the process of porting projects to Xcode form CodeWarrior.

"It lists similarities and differences between the two environments, describes how to import a CodeWarrior project into Xcode, and provides detailed information on many conversion issues," the company said.

Describing the "basic development environment", Apple states: "The development environments for Xcode and CodeWarrior contain the same major components, including project window, text editor, build system, debugger, symbol navigation, find facilities, and help system. One significant difference is that Xcode includes a number of open source components, including the GCC compiler and GDB debugger, as well as other tools written by the UNIX open-source community."

Developers can access the document here.