Apple is offering a $300 rebate to US customers buying a G4 Cube with an Apple monitor.

The rebate should stimulate sales of the company’s newest product line. It can even be used against the purchase of Apple’s 17-inch monitor, which retails for $499 in the US.

The Cube’s $1,799 price and lack of monitor have been singled-out as reasons for lower-than-expected sales of the machine. This has also contributed to Apple’s 30 per cent drop in profits during the current quarter.

The company recently offered rebates to boost sales of some of its older PowerBooks, and industry-watchers at The Register reckon the company is expected to extend that with a $200 rebate on current PowerBooks – which hints at a revised PowerBook range in the near future.

Industry insiders are positive that these rebates will be offered to Apple’s UK customers in the very near future, but Apple representatives could not confirm or deny the rumour.