Apple UK is offering Commotion and Deck free to DV editors purchasing both Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro – as well as a £200 rebate.

The deal applies only to Final Cut Pro 3, which costs £829 – or the upgrade version, which costs £249 – when bought with DVD Studio Pro 1.5, which also costs £829. The offer lasts between September 1 and September 30. Apple will send a £200 postal rebate and a copy of Director's Cut Finishing Pack on receipt of a completed mail-in form.

Director's Cut Finishing Pack contains Bias Deck 3.5 and Pinnacle Systems' £372 Commotion 4.1. Deck is a multi-channel audio workstation, while Commotion is a painting and effects solution for moving images. Commotion contains tools for rotoscoping and retouching video.

The offer is available from the Apple Store and participating Apple resellers. Terms and conditions apply, and it's necessary to download and fill in a mail-in coupon.