Apple has launched a special double-your-memory promotion for UK buyers of new iMacs.

The memory give-away is available from participating dealers only. These include most AppleCentres, the Apple Store and most major resellers, who will double the iMacs' standard installed RAM. Apple is footing the bill.

iMac 400MHz and 500MHz models, which ship with 64MB of RAM installed, as well as older iMacs still in the retail channels – iMac 350MHz, DV and DV Plus – will all be upgraded at point of sale with an extra 64MB of free RAM. iMac 600MHz SEs, as well as older end-of-line iMac DV SEs, get 128MB of extra RAM.

Apple recommends a minimum 128MB of RAM to run OS X in Classic mode. Confirm that your dealer is supporting this promotion before purchasing a iMac.

The 400MHz iMac is available in Indigo and costs £680. The 500MHz iMac costs £850 and is available in Indigo, Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian. The top-of-the-range £1,020 iMac 600MHz is available in Graphite, Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian.

The deal extends until the end of June 2001.