Apple has posted information to help developers integrate .Mac features into their applications.

The information, 'Using the .Mac SDK', is a detailed technical introduction to integrating applications with Apple's Web services.

The information reveals several tasty tidbits relating to Apple's service: the service has over "half a million" members; and iDisk sees 7TB of data downloaded and 0.5TB uploaded each week, with 1.5Gbps of bandwidth.

"As a developer, you probably know that Apple's iApps are tightly integrated with the .Mac services. But what about your own application? If you could integrate your application with .Mac, you could provide your users with innovative new networked features, delivered as seamlessly as they've come to expect from using the iApps," Apple says.

"The SDK gives you everything you need to build applications that take advantage of the .Mac services. And if that weren't enough, by embedding the DotMac Kit into your application you also stand to collect a significant bounty on each new .Mac member you bring in," it reveals.