Apple isn't just integrating Windows XP into the future Mac experience - it plans to offer the best Windows hardware in the world, speculates Robert Cringely this week.

Cringely dismisses the idea that Apple will scorn its OS in favour of Windows: "Apple isn't going to throw away its clearest point of differentiation and greatest technical advantage just to become another Windows OEM," he writes.

He speculates that when Boot Camp ships as part of Mac OS X 10.5, it will offer full virtualisation, so users will not need to reboot their machines to move between operating systems.

He suggests that this will extend to Windows Vista support, and that this dual-OS approach will add a layer of OS X security to Windows and make it much easier to protect Microsoft's system against attacks.

"By running Windows Vista this way, Apple can offer the most secure version of Vista available with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, which could lead to a leadership change in business computing. Down with Dell and HP and up with Apple," he suggests.

He also suggests Apple will abandon the Mach kernel.