Apple has introduced a new reservations system for customers seeking help from its retail store Genius Bars.

Many Mac users who have tried to use the Genius Bar have reported long and frustrating waiting times. If it succeeds, the new system may help mitigate such experiences.

The Concierge System for Genius Bar Appointments lets customers make a reservation to meet a Mac expert in-store. Each Apple retail outlet has its own booking system.

The top right corner of the first window a user enters offers the current time. A user is also offered nine options: iPod, iMac, Mac OS X and switching technical support; and movies, music, design and photos creative support. The seventh option is to book one-on-one training.

Clicking on an option raises a new screen requesting a user's name, mobile number and email address. They must also declare whether or not they are members of Apple's ProCare scheme.

ProCare members are able to book a reservation up to seven days in advance.

A test today invoked a screen which said the company today had received "higher than expected support traffic in its Regent Street store (which I tested).