Apple has introduced an all-in-one subscription package for two of the most popular TV shows hosted on iTunes, 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Lost'.

Fans of either show can buy a Season Pass for both shows ($34.99) that entitles them to download each episode of each series of shows as they are released. The deal includes all previous and future episodes of the shows.

Earlier this month CBS Sports and Apple confirmed plans to offer the 2006 NCAA Division I Basketball Championship for sale through iTunes, making a Season Pass available ($19.99) that allows users to download condensed versions of all 63 games the day after they are played through the online media service.

Apple recently made its first full-length movie, a made-for-TV film called 'High School Musical', available for download through iTunes.

The company has also made a full-length video of the 'Tori Amos Video Collection' available for download. This collection is also available in the UK.

The moves to develop a TV show subscription model and to experiment with providing full-length DVDs emerge as speculation mounts that the company plans to launch a movie download service, perhaps as soon as April.