Apple UK is making a "double the pre-installed RAM" offer for new PowerBook purchases.

Customers taking the plunge to acquire a 550MHz or 667MHz PowerBook G4 between October 16 and December 31, 2001, will receive double the standard RAM pre-installed. This means the 667MHz PowerBook will ship with 512MB of RAM, the 550MHz PowerBook with 256MB of RAM; standard RAM is 256MB and 128MB respectively.

To exploit the opportunity, customers must buy their new PowerBooks from the Apple Store or an authorized Apple reseller.

The company announced new PowerBook and iBook combinations yesterday. The new PowerBooks are available in 550MHz and 667MHz models. The 667MHz PowerBook has a faster (133MHz) system bus, while the 550MHz model maintains the previous 100MHz system bus. Both models offer built-in Gigabit Ethernet networking.

The PowerBooks offer better graphics support, with the ATI Mobility Radeon AGP 4X graphics card. There is also a choice of slot-loading DVD-ROM or CD-RW drives. Both Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS 9.2.1 are pre-installed on the new pro portables.

The 667MHz model (with 30GB hard drive) comes with an AirPort Card pre-installed, and costs £2,199 (all prices exclude VAT). The £1,599 550MHz model (20GB hard drive) is AirPort-ready.