Apple is making refurbished Macs available at discount prices through the Apple Store every day until September 29.

The company usually only opens its refurbished store online once a week, on Wednesdays. The refurbished store offers Apple products at "up to a 45 per cent discount" against their usual price. A host of equipment - including second-generation iMacs, iBooks and iPods - is available now.

The move comes as Apple's fourth and final year quarter reaches its end this month - while resellers across the UK complain that demand for Apple products exceeds supply.

Apple has been unable to meet demand across its product line (excepting iBooks) for close to three months now, with G5 processor availability problems affecting shipments, and eMac availability running at around 10 per cent of demand.

For UK resellers, particularly independent resellers who buy from Apple distributors, Computer 2000 and Ingram Micro, it has been a very hard summer.

It's tough for Apple too, as it needs to ensure it maintains its earnings to meet shareholder expectations for the current quarter.