The annual MacHack Conference will see a reunion of the original Macintosh development team.

The 72-hour conference, which starts today in Dearborn, Michigan, will begin with a reunion of Mac creators Andy Hertzfeld, Guy "Bud" Tribble, Randy Wiggington, Bruce Horn, Danieal Kottke, Caroline Rose, Jef Raskin and Bill Atkinson.

MacHack sees top Mac coders hack code. Projects are then demonstrated at the conference and awarded prizes.

Apple founder, Stephen "Woz" Wozniak, will chat with attendees about his experiences with the Mac and debate its, and computing's, future. His last public appearance was as a speaker at MacHack in 1997.

John Penn, conference chairman, said this conference is "one of those contemplation years, where we take a look at where we are going and where we have been".

Many of the sessions at the conference will cover Mac OS X issues.