Apple has expanded its open-source operations weeks after developers of the KHTML browser engine that powers Safari complained that Apple had taken more from the open-source project than it had given it.

In response Apple has made its WebKit Open Source Project available. This is the system framework used by Safari, Dashboard and other Mac OS X applications. It contains WebCore and JavaScriptCore, and the Apple aspects of KHTML and KJS, the KDE JavaScript implementation.

Also available is a CVS (Concurrent Versions System) repository that includes histories of Safari's WebCore browsing framework and JavaScriptCore scripting framework; information that was previously withheld from developers.

Significant changes

Apple engineer on the Safari project David Hyatt wrote in his blog: "The Safari team is proud to announce that we are making significant changes in the way we operate. Going forward we will be engaging actively with the community. Find us on IRC and on the mailing list, jump in, and get involved!" reports ZDNet.

Apple recently suggested that the existing KHTML rendering engine be replaced by its own-developed derivative rendering engine (WebCore) as used in Safari.