Apple has released a new version of OpenPlay and has decided to open up the source code for NetSprockets. OpenPlay is a tool that helps programs communicate over networks. It comes in Mac and Windows versions with a Linux version expected soon.

Apple has also opened up the source code for NetSprockets. These are Mac OS only tools that help programs communicate between Macs. By releasing NetSprockets as open source, Apple is allowing developers to add their features to OpenPlay.

Apple has also licensed some of its older, but abandoned, technologies to Microsoft.

These technologies came from Apple's Taligent and Kaeida experiments of the early 90's. Both groups were closed down in 1996. Taligent's goal was to create an advanced object-orientated operating system, built to be small and flexible. This became CommonPoint, an API (application program interface) environment. Kaleida led to the ill-fated Script X multimedia programming tool. Script X was pipped to the post by Macromedia's Director.

Microsoft acquires the right to use inventions from a pool of over 400 software-related patents, all related to Object Technology. Sources report that the work done was years ahead of its time.