Software Development Times this morning has published an extensive report on Apple's future Xcode 2 development toolkit.

The report lists the deluge of developer-friendly changes Apple promises in the release, including support for 64-bit development.

"Major changes center around support for Core Image and Core Data", it reports. Apple senior product line manager for core OS and developer tools, Wiley Hodges, stressed Tiger's new persistence mechanism, which "lets developers easily make object models for their applications".

“We’re at a point in Tiger where developers can just focus on the special purpose code they need for their applications and not have to write the general housekeeping code they would need to build data models and synchronize them with views.”

The 64-bit development enhancements will significantly increase the amount of memory that can be addressed by such applications, from the current maximum 4GB to 16EB (Exabytes). 16EB is the equivalent of 16 billion gigabytes.