Apple CEO Steve Jobs told delegates gathered at the Wall Street Journal's D: All Things Digital conference that Apple had designed a PDA device that never made it to market.

Jobs indicated that Apple will not be venturing into the PDA business and revealed no plans for a PDA/mobile phone hybrid, despite calls for Apple to offer such a device.

According to Apple Insider, Jobs told one delegate who was holding a Treo that he should "remain happy" with that device.

This wasn't Apple's first attempt at making a PDA. The Newton - one of the first ever PDAs – was released by Apple in August 1993. However, early models were bulky, expensive and bug-ridden, leading it to be widely ridiculed. Apple killed Newton in February 1998 even though fans demonstrated in the car park of Apple's Cupertino campus.

Jobs also used this event to re-emphasise that Apple has no plans to support Microsoft's WMA (Windows Media Audio) format, but added that should Microsoft reach 50 per cent market share in that industry, he may reconsider.

Jobs also alluded to a new product that would enable the iPod to work better in a car, and hinted that Apple is working at reducing the iPod's price.

He also confirmed that the European launch of iTunes Music Store will happen on June 15.