Apple has confirmed that its new US Pepsi iTunes promotion begins on January 31.

The promotion offers lucky soda pop drinkers the chance to get a free tune through iTunes when they buy specially-marked 20-ounce or one litre bottles of Pepsi (and some other Pepsi products).

Caps containing a ten-character code (which can sometimes be assessed by tipping the bottle a certian way - just like last year) win a prize.

Previous reports claim 200 million songs are available under this promotion, and one in three marked bottles wins a prize. Songs must be redeemed by May 23.

Apple also confirmed that winners who redeem their song at the iTunes Music Store will be automatically entered into a competition to win an iPod mini. As part of the competition, Pepsi will give away one silver iPod mini each hour, starting on February 1 and ending on April 11.

Macworld UK readers who aren't legally resident in the US are out of the loop, however - Apple's terms and conditions specifically state the promotion is only available to US residents over 13-years of age.